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A “contactless” solution for touring a home during the Coronavirus (COVID19)

With today’s technology, we made ourselves accessible to accommodate your schedule through video chat.

Ring My Bell Realty has adopted new strategies and techniques for safely showing properties during the Coronavirus (COVID 19) and know how essential that is when you can’t meet your clients in person. 

It’s hard to believe that any buyer would make such a monumental financial decision without visiting a property. At this time, most do not. But now it is possible through Ring My Bell Realty video chat, this tool helps buyers vet a property and can simply speak to agent while on the property through video chat. This will be a whole new experience for any buyer to view a property. They will simply pull up to a property ring the doorbell and talk to an agent, the agent will give them the code to enter house and view the property at their convenience without having a realtor present for a "contactless tour".

While you are viewing the home and have any questions no problem, you will be able to speak to a realtor directly through video chat. You will find another video doorbell placed inside at the front to talk to the realtor direct.


How does this work?

When you arrive at the property, simply push the Ring My Bell Button Video Camera to speak directly with an agent, we will give them a code to enter house.
magnifying glass, lense, loupe
Push Doorbell Button

web camera, camera, device
Video Chat With Realtor

chat, message, instant messaging
Realtor Will Text You the Code

padlock, unlock, unlocked
Input Code to Tour Home

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